Hot, Healthy, Happy

Hi!  It’s H3 day.

You don’t have to be a teenager to feel hot, healthy and happy, you merely have to be a person who embraces #KefiLife: living habits which create energy resulting in H3.

In my case the energy comes from day-to-day habits that build on a sound mind in a strong body; these two in synergy net me (and hopefully you)  hot, healthy and happy.




Every day my habits build on a program that makes me healthy inside and out.  The program is mental and physical, and it regards plenty of activity and the highest level of nutrition possible.  Of course, I have not mastered any of it, but I’m leaps and bounds ahead of where I was 10 years ago, five years ago, two years ago and last year.  You can’t unlearn in a day what you’ve been doing for 10 years.  The TV commercials that promote a product that promise 10 pounds off in two weeks irritate me so much, because your mind and body have not been trained to maintain that weight loss, nor will it with a harmful & quick fix. The growth and change which accompany healthy, new habits will get you long-lasting & positive results.





photo courtesy: NBC

Speaking of being energized, I was so pumped when I watched the Rio Olympics, especially the woman’s gymnastics team.  I was particularly impressed with Aly Raisman, the oldest gymnast on the team, who recently shared her healthy habits in an ESPN article.  The article shared Aly’s thought process about food and it motivates me as well:

Healthy choices

“I eat really, really healthy,” Raisman says. “Everything that I put into my body is for the purpose of gymnastics.” Her key ingredients:

Water: “I always make sure that I drink a lot of water. I love having hot water with lemon. That’s really good for your metabolism.

Protein: “I have a lot of chicken and fish. My favorite food is sushi and salmon, so I eat a lot of that.

Good stuff: “I try to stay away from white bread or processed things. … I have a lot of fruit, too.”  


Obviously, I’m not eating for gymnastics, but I am eating for the purpose of inner/ outer strength and vibrance.  My fuel mirrors Aly’s quite a bit and it is mostly clean and delicious.  The difference is that I add vegetables to every lunch and dinner, mostly prepared Mediterranean style.

  • Village Greek salad
  • Xorta- Dandelion Greens with olive oil/lemon/salt&pepper
  • Steamed brocoli with olive oil/lemon/salt&pepper
  • Cherry tomatoes and English cucumbers with olive oil/salt&pepper
  • Grilled asparagus with olive oil/lemon/salt&pepper



Two years after my back injury, I have slowly lost body weight (20 pounds – six to go) and built physical strength (I recently completed a 72 mile bike ride in elevation) to keep me active and moving every day, all day.  My workouts range from 30-60 minutes six days a week, and coupled with clean nutrition it has me healthy and happy, which makes me feel hot and spicy.

In a nut shell, Hot, Healthy and Happy is a habit you practice every day that energizes you mentally and physically.

Build on the fundamentals of “healthy,” and grow into that glowing and happy person you are born to be!

With a little elbow grease- H3 can be yours.

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.”  Ben Franklin


Carpe Kefi!

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