Inspiration From An Uber Driver

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Funny how teenagers can teach you a thing or two, one of which is taking an UBER when, for whatever reason, you do not want to drive.   I only have ordered and ridden in 2 Ubers, and they were so efficient, affordable but more than that, they were interesting experiences. Uber drivers are real people driving you to your personal destination with their own personal car.  


Last month, one evening, I had to get into the city during rush hour for a work related event which had me in a formal gown.  The occasion called for focus on the event, not the transportation and fuss of getting to my location on time with hassle and parking.  My priority was to avoid the latter and travel with ease as to concentrate on my speaking engagement.  My daughter suggested I call an UBER, and I only needed 10 minutes notice to the driver.  How marvelous is this concept?  Patricia went to her account and ordered a driver for me, who showed up with in 8 minutes.  


The young man who showed up at my house was under thirty, and driving his vehicle in UBER capacity to pay off his car so that the financial compensation of his primary job as a chef at The Art Institute of Chicago could be applied to his apartment and living.  What a resourceful guy!

 LESSON ONE: you can get ahead if you think/plan ahead.


  1. Chan was creative- as an educated chef he prepares meals at the Art Institute Dining center and has experience in the culinary world.  Therefore, being that I had had 30 minutes in a car and 30 minutes to learn something from a chef, I started a cooking convo, which centered on vegetables.  Vegetables are what keep me full, are full of fiber and vitamins and vegetables are instrumental to weight loss and maintenance.  I asked Chan the best and quickest way to prepare vegetables so I could simply incorporate have them at every meal.  We all know the easiest way, eat raw vegetables, and when I do that I add hummus.  Chan said that the next healthiest form of eating vegetables is to steam them.  Boil water and then add your pre-rinsed veggies; in my case broccoli, cauliflower and carrots to the water for :60-:90 seconds.  This method yields your veggies crunchy and with their vibrant intended color.  Steaming veggies was my takeaway, and every day I’ve been preparing my veggies this way at lunch.
  2. Incidentally, Chan also shared the 6 ways of cooking principles:







LESSON TWO: you can learn something from everyone. 

An Uber ride ended up being safe, interesting and efficient. I can’t say this scenario will transpire for everyone, but in my case I love to ask questions so it did happen this way. PS…we use the UBER X- drivers that have to go through the screening process so that the driver and ride is assured for safety measures.  Disclaimer: not every driver is safe or interesting, but you have a strong chance to get a harmless driver When you sign up with UBER X.  

Here’s to safe travels and an interesting journey!


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