doTerra “ONE” 2016 Convention

Greetings from the Beehive state, a place I’d love to live.


 Arrived in Utah early this afternoon, but previous to arrival my Southwest plane ride to this mountainous and clean state was a clear indicator of what was ahead.  80 percent of the plane was filled with energized and passionate passengers who were each applying their favorite oil enroute to the convention where they, and I can learn and further investigate the beauty and benefit of essential oils.  To my right was Steven, a six year Navy veteran turned  pre-med student and Wellness Advocate who runs his life with military precision.  Steven, aka “bro terra” is a wealth of knowledge in the arena of pure oils, and he is on a mission to teach all those in his path that truly, “The only person who will take care of your health is you.” 

Two years ago I took complete control of my health and wellness, and I’m never looking back;  DoTerra essential oils are an integral part of my overall vitality.  For this reason I am in Salt Lake City, Utah at the global convention, which happens to be the largest corporate event to be hosted in the state.  It’s beautiful to be here, and the air is as fresh as the view of the mountains.  The feeling of “Mother Nature” compliments the doTerra campus and its employees.  Jenine, who introduced me to doTerra, and I toured the campus today and witnessed how the distilled and therapeutic grade oils are tested for purity and later bottled.  The process is thorough and precise.  ​


​While you may encounter other companies that sell essential oils, none have the testing integrity of purity in the oils.  Here at doTerra there is a room called the Retains Room, which contains every single oil batch that has ever been grown and tested for quality assurance.  

Gift Of The Earth, doTerra, should be experimental, because while doctors and biologists have scientifically proven the benefits via research, one can personally discover that oils support optimal wellness if they use them.  I already believe in the power of essential oils, but tomorrow I will be taught the cellular truth behind this ancient  Phenomena. 


As this night comes to a close and I prepare to diffuse my lavender for a restful night’s sleep, I’m thankful to have met the leaders in Hayley Hobson’s team.  Hayley is a double Presidential Diamond earner and she was honored at the gala this evening.

Tomorrow I will hear more about how she leads people to their full potential.

I also had the pleasure of visiting with one of Hayley’s top doTerra business leaders, Krista Kohoe who is a Biologist in education and now a successful doTerra Wellness advocate.  

Pictured here: Jenine, Krista and Kiki

Finally …so excited about the goodies each attendee, including yours truly, was gifted.  

You can be sure that I will use each pictured item.  The journal will come in very handy for my note taking that will occur during the various speakers educating us tomorrow.  The doTerra backpack is lovely, functional and lightweight…love it.  Best gift is the ONE essential oil blend given out at the gala.  ONE is a blend used for grounding.  It smells heavenly.

That’s all for now…got to get some shut eye.  Talk soon…


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