I love leftovers

It’s lunchtime and I’m hungry!

First rule of thumb when you are on a clean eating nutrition program:

Plan and prepare your meals ahead of time so that you are not in a “eat as available food” situation.

Nine times out of ten when you are at home and really hungry right before meal time, you most likely wont want to wait 40 minutes getting your protein, healthy fat and carb prepared in time to satisfy that hunger pang.

I find that when I succeed on my eating plan, it’s when I have the food mapped out for the day, in some cases for the week.  Today was a day that I needed to get my fuel in me quick, and my leftovers from two days ago hit the spot and fit the bill. I loved that my leftovers were delicious, nutritious and afforded me to stay the course.



Today’s lunch : sautéed chicken, beet salad, kale salad, quinoa/rice blend  Yummy and satisfying


Helpful Nutrition Tips For Weight Loss & Health

1-Sunday: write down the meals you will eat for the week

2-That day or night shop with your list so you have all ingredients available for meal time throughout the week

3- Organize your fridge in fruit, veggie, and protein categories

4-Take a day or two to make 2-3 meals for the week and store in fridge for quick access

5-Make sure to eat as you are sitting, not standing, in the car or on the fly

6- Reserve at least 15-20 minutes to eat your well thought out meals


This weekend my family is traveling to another destination for the day- I will pack my lunch and dinner for that day as the restaurants we may frequent will offer heavily salted, processed, breaded, sauced to death foods that won’t satisfy my nutrition requirements and will cause me to overeat.  In this case, my mini glass containers come in handy.  Coach Jill taught me, pack my food when I can, but when I am unable to do that, and I will be dining out during my weight loss program, I am to order simply- grilled chicken breast, steamed vegetable, healthy carb.  Most restaurants will prepare a simple meal of you simply ask.

It is possible to stay on my clean nutrition program with preparation, planning and mindfulness.

I found the below images on Pinterest- these words of inspiration should be our influence when choosing what goes next in our mouths!




Bon Apetite- and remember just because your food is clean doesn’t mean it can’t be delicious.  More on that next time.


Carpe Kefi

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