Tradition! Follow the “BIG TEN MARCHING BAND!”

Good evening my friends!

Hope you enjoyed the last weekend in September.  It’s hard to believe we are officially in fall, but love that so much because that means football season is in full gear.


We are a football family due to the fact that hubby played at Purdue and my son plays the game at middle school with his sights on “Big Ten” football.  Football is always on the big screen and on the radio at our house as to not miss various school scores and player updates.




It’s part of our culture, so we were very excited to attend Purdue’s football game yesterday during Family Weekend for my freshman- daughter Patricia.



Kiki & Patiricia






Pregame fun with two awesome Boilermakers Chris Clopton Graduate Assistant/ Four Year Letter Winner and Brian All American Athlete

We were lucky enough to enjoy pregame festivities, a winning football game on a beautiful September day and see a VICTORY transpire in the fourth quarter.  However, while the game was a ton of fun, the Marching Band took my breath away.  Being the traditional and patriotic gal that I am, the customs behind Purdue’s band simply took my breath away.

“All-American” Marching Band

Organized in 1886, a year before Purdue’s first football team, the Purdue “All-American” Marching Band (AAMB) enjoys over 125 years of tradition on the West Lafayette campus. Each fall, the band serves up some of the university’s favorite traditions – the Block “P” formation and the Big Bass Drum – along with lively half-time shows that blend the latest trends in music with nostalgic looks at past eras.

Directed by Jay S. Gephart, the 383-member band stands as the largest in the Big 10 and one of the largest in the nation.

The band, which evokes a sense of pride, humility and gratitude, plays the song “I AM AN AMERICAN” before every game.  After every victory the fans are encouraged to follow the band out of the stadium and around the campus as they play high energy and inviting music for the masses.  Wholesome school pride is rampant and a reminder of the importance of community, education and athletics.



The band is just as much a part of every football game as the players and coaches.  The band is the encouragement, the cheerleader and the moral support of each who play that day!  PURDUE’S ALL AMERICAN MARCHING BAND is the KEFI or Positive energy of the school!  I salute the talents and the work ethic of each amazing  BoilerMaker Musician who made me ever so thankful to be an American!!!!


God bless Purdue and God bless America!!!!!!



Carpe Kefi!

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