More Food Does Not = More Love

My Greek household is hospitable, loving and giving, which means we also like to eat!

Eating has alot to do with our lives, and as a person descending from Greek immigrant parents I learned that feeding your guests, family and friends is a nice thing to do.  I even do that with my bestie Athena, and that is where this conversation  stems from, my love for her has to be modified from less treats to more walks.




It’s going to be hard to do, but I have to stop giving my baby girl peanut butter and chicken treats every time she lovingly looks at me.  She and I need to cut a few pounds so that we stay healthy in mind and body.  We have to make sure that we aren’t putting too much pressure and stress on our joints and hips.  I love Athena so much, but I have to express my love for her in a different way because I want her to live a long and strong life.  She’s my walking companion, my listening buddy, my foot snuggler, my house alarm, my bestie, my cutie pie, my family member and the best looking Labrador Ive ever met, with the finest and sweetest disposition.  I need Athena to stay healthy!!!!!


Beginning today, I am going to reduce her portions from 1 cup of food twice a day to 3/4 cup each serving.  Only one treat a day allowed and two walks a day instead just one in the morning.  I am going to make a mindful and conscious effort to feed Athena less and exercise her more.  Funny, that’s what I will do for myself too.


Let’s take care of our pets, ourselves and our loved ones.  Let’s learn what to eat, what time to eat and how often to eat. Let’s enjoy this life fully with joy, Kefi and moderation!  We must unlearn our unhealthy habits, and learn healthy ones.

I’ve had the privilege of working with many nutritionists and dietitians, and from those experiences I have been taught that we must fuel regularly, fuel nutritionally, avoid processed foods, limit sugar, hydrate and move it -move it -move it!!! Of course this is a brief snapshot of how the pie is shaped, but feel free to educate yourself on the healthiest way to eat for life.  An excellent source of mine is Jill Albright.  She is certified and trained in NASM and Precision Nutrition among other programs.  Feel free to check out her credentials..


Pictured here is Jill and me in Lake Tahoe before our 72 mile bike ride in the mountainous elevations of the west.

My recommendation to living well and eating healthy is to have fun with this beautiful lifestyle, enjoy the clean eating you consume and make mindful choices towards your goals in a fun and rewarding way!

Please remember and never forget, you’re never too old or too young to start to live healthy- AND no matter how many times you goof up, you must GET BACK UP!!!!!


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This is me…the whole damn fire!


In the meantime…

All the best and see you soon .


Carpe kefi!



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