The Battle Is Won Before It Is Ever Fought

Hi!  As usual, lots to report but first of all hope you had a fun Halloween with friends and family!

Next, the past few days have been festive and full with parties, Cubs games, dinners, workouts, essential oil workshops, closet clean-outs and athletic competitions which proved that life is mental after all.


Yesterday I once again had the privilege to be a timer at my daughter Sophia’s swim meet.  The season finale was a chance for all the swimmers to to swim fast and put the previous month’s work to the test.  As #Sagi of Hammer and Chisel says during my workouts every day, “Your competition is you, and you have to make yourself better every day!”  This applies to swimming and life in general.  Ironically, I asked Sophia how she wanted to approach the competition during the conference meet and she said, “MOM, I want to beat my own PR.”  In swimming beating a PR means cutting time, even if just a milli second, that tiny increment is admired.  She said it, she swam it and she cut it!  Yup, in her 50 free she shaved 1 second and in her 100 breast stroke she cut 3 whole seconds.  As Sophia did her flip turn on the 100 breast, and she neared the finish, I could see the effort/exhertion in her facial expression, and I knew that she had already made up her mind to meet her personal goal.  Congratulations my girl- you proved that truly, “The Battle is won before it is ever fought.”





Both mental and physical strength are important in succeeding in life, but I would have to agree that it begins with the “decision” to win.  With that said, the mental begins the preparation, the effort, the planning, the persistence, the hard work and the discipline, which are the tools to allow one to sharpen the necessary mental toughness to win the battle.


I dedicate that quote to you – AND to our beloved Chicago Cubbies who will have to mentally win the battle before taking on the Cleveland Indians in game 6 of the World Series.

Let’s Go #Cubs!

Have a great night..


Carpe Kefi!


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