Favorite #CUBS game

TGIF and in Chicago this expression really has legs.


Today our city is on high alert #Kefi  as the river is dyed blue and thousands of people emerge onto the scene to witness our winning Cubs celebrate their W after 108 years.

Interestingly enough I saw this fun blurb on the significance of the number of years it took the CUBS to win a World Series title.


Stats & Titles are wonderful, but so is the opportunity to attend a game with loved ones and create fun memories for life.  Our family loves all the Chicago, Indiana and KC teams: Black Hawks, White Sox, Bulls, KC Royals, KC Chiefs, Purdue, U of I, Fenwick and more.  We really have no favorite teams, but we do have our favorite games!!!

July 20, 2011

This date brings back fabulous memories.

As an on-air personality of my own radio program, The Kiki Vale Show, I was given 4 dugout seats to a Cubs game!  I’m here to tell you “GREAT SEATS DO MATTER!” We were excited.  However, game day was one of the very hottest days Chicago had seen in many years, 100 degrees, but this heat did not stop us.  Three of my four children and I decked out in full gear Cubs regalia, grabbed our mini fans and hopped the Metra train to go downtown.


The ride to the city, the heat, our bonding, our walking to stadium, the seats, the hotdogs, our whining, our laughing, our sweating, water boy spraying us, the pictures, the cheering, the ball popping, the popcorn, the sunshine, the venue, the team, the energy, the day and the opportunity to watch a World Class team play America’s favorite game…BASEBALL UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL imprinted a indelible picture in our hearts forever!

So, while we are extremely proud of the Cubbies for pulling it out this week, we are also grateful for all the other games that we got to be a part of and made us feel a part of each other and our great city!

Here are some memories from our favorite Cubs game….




















KUDOS to our Chicago #Cubs.

You remind us that to be number one takes hard work, training, discipline and lots of practice!  Never giving up through any of it!!!!



Have a great day all!


Carpe Kefi!





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