Be Strong- This Too Shall Pass

Good morning. Yes-It’s good.

Life experiences, and the people involved with them will test you, and as happy or sad as they can be, you can either pay attention and learn, or choose to dwell on the emotions.  We get into trouble if we don’t – think- do our very best – decide – act- stay firm.


Time is fleeting, and the moment is one tiny aspect of an entire picture, but it can be critical in many ways.   Truly knowing  yourself, and what you stand for will allow you to, in the moment, make the correct descion.  Why am I telling you all this?  Because life is good but it’s not easy, and when we get a curve ball thrown straight at us, we must remain strong and we must mindfully move forward with courage because time does not stand still.  Before that, we must continually grow ourselves into excellent persons so that we may not only appreciate the moment, but live it to the best of our ability.  


Furthermore, if we pause to think instead of react in the moment, we see things and we see people.  It’s true, “Better to understand than to be understood.” I’m not sure who coined that phrase, but I believe it to be true.


The holocaust reminds me that events don’t define us, it’s our descions and perserverance that play a big role.  In any life situation you can cave, or are you can keep going with hope in your heart and strength of your mind.  That’s not to say that a change of course or modification is giving up, it simply means we are thinking about a better or wiser path.  Redirecting is helpful when we have carefully considered all the options.


We have to believe in something, and when we do it changes everything.  In addition to this statement,  if you stand for nothing you will fall for anything.   I have faith that “With God all things are possible.”  

And today- I have faith that ….”This too shall pass.” 

Kiki is a master interviewer with 25 years broadcasting on Kansas City and Chicago radio. She was a prevalent force at WMAQ & WBBM radio where she was the first female airborne news/traffic reporter in the "Windy City". Kiki’s voiceover work has garnered her Omni awards for Evian water and Coca-Cola commercials. These days Kiki enjoys energizing audiences on stage during motivational speaking engagements, and through writing. Her highly regarded “Kefi-That Life Force” column, was published previously in The Greek Star. She’s currently working on her first non-fiction book. [ View all posts ]