Carlos Motivated Me To Get A Six Pack

The holidays came and went.  We loved, we learned & we latched on to special moments.

Some of them unforeseen, difficult and hard to handle, offset by several wonderful experiences which I enjoyed and from which I learned.  Let us take a look at one particular night in Naples, Florida when part of my family and I were out to dinner at Campiello Restaurant.  There was so much #Kefi here, primarily with our entertaining and energetic waiter from Columbia.


An impromptu outing that gorgeous winter evening in Florida last month connected us with our server Carlos, who’s personality and service had us in awe.  Fit, hospitable and willing to share, Carlos had us sitting at the edge of our seat every time he returned to our table.  Some people just have the gift to inspire and lift, and he did it by enthusiastically sharing his life story, albeit in sporadic bite size chunks.  One of the stories he shared was about his bodybuilding career and how he stays fit for it.  Of course being the season that it was leading into the new year we were all interested to know exactly how Carlos managed to stay so svelte working at one of the finest Italian restaurants in Naples, while preparing for competition.

Preparation is pretty much how he does it, but for those of you who want details, like I did, here is how Carlos gets and stays in shape.


Every Sunday Carlos plans and prepares his meals for the entire week.  He carefully maps out his nutrition and packs the six-pack fitness bag, which I bought one on Amazon, to give him the fuel and energy he requires to stay on program.  He drinks one gallon of water every day, and there are two areas to hold his pre-filled water bottles in the bag.  There are also six containers to store his meals in and two ice packs to keep the bag chilled up to eight hours.  It takes only one day to set himself up for a week of success; it doesn’t matter what curve balls are thrown at him during those six days because he’s done the work upfront and therefore keeps his dietary commitments!


Bag is conveniently divided and has enough space for all one needs to fuel properly!


Love this section for water bottles…hydration the key to rid toxins, clear skin and keep one satiated.  

Carlos told us about his eating plan, which is pretty much what I attempt to follow every day, but fall off the wagon because with such an erratic schedule recently, I’ve had to eat what was sitting around instead of what I prepared.  That’s about to change because Six pack arrived last night, so I’m ready to put my preparation to work.

MEAL PLAN- It’s clean

Lean proteins

Lots of Vegetables & Fruits



Olive Oil

Nuts & Seeds


Lots of water



Carlos didn’t invent the wheel, but he confirmed that if you want to be successful with your mental and physical goals, it all begins with planning to succeed.  

On a sidebar; Carlos is not only full of advice, he’s unique in that he once got a 1,500 dollar tip on a 762.00 bill.  Check it out…


Click and read the story above, it’s truly a testament to the fact that some people are really awesome!!

Had to introduce to you to Carlos because he inspired me and I believe he can do the same for you.

IF you are looking for ways to get those last pounds off, and do it in the midst of many interruptions and temptations, use Carlos planning to succeed mindset to help you achieve your goals!!!!!

Stay focused and you will do it!!!!


Carpe Kefi


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