Living Fully Requires Living Vitally Through Food

Good evening.

My household is getting closer everyday to a bright and brand new kitchen.  (I’ll post before and after pics upon completion) The impetus of this renovation is an upgrade necessity, but subconsciously my desire to refurbish stems from my personal yearning to dive into a new chapter of cooking/hospitality.  Since adopting a clean lifestyle in the year of 2014, fueling with dense nutrition is in direct correlation to my energy levels.    The preparation and cooking of the nutrition I produce for my family and me has changed and improved.  Through trial and error, experimenting and lots of tips from Coach Jill, I’ve learned that homemade, delicious and healthy meals or snacks do not have to take hours to prepare.  Those time consuming spreads with all the fanfare of many ingredients and food procedure are exciting for special occasions, but for every day life and for those of us who count every minute, quick and easy is the name of the game.  Furthermore, it’s true, “We are what we eat.”  Eating is important, and when we eat to live and eat well, that transpires into living vitally.


Since food is such a big portion of our lives, we then need to make it delicious and good for us so we can live in a body that can withstand the journey!    Therefore, our food must be healthy and tasty.  So, I have changed my cuisine mindset to appetizing, varietal, nutritious and simple from tedious, instant, fattening, thoughtless and compulsive.  It’s true, there are all kinds of ways to make a meal exciting, unique and delicious; much of it has to do with the freshness and or quality of the food.  Additionally, the methods of cooking the food and the oils, spices, herbs and sides we add to the main dish each create an appealing taste .  For example, adding nuts, or olives or capers to a dish can totally energize the flavor and texture.  It’s important to keep food interesting and yummy without too many calories.


Tonight for dinner I had prepared something easy yet unique.  Our protein was filet mignon.  This morning I marinated the filets in Greek Virgin olive oil, garlic seasoning, garlic cloves, salt and pepper with a spritz of lemon.  I also prepped my vegetable by chopping up my broccoli and placing it in the fridge for quick and easy availability.  When dinner time rolled around, I pulled out the filets and stuck them in the oven to slow cook, my grill isn’t in yet, and I pulled out the broccoli from the fridge.  I quickly added a lemon infused garlic olive oil from Tunisia, veggie seasoning, chopped walnuts,  some tiny olive slivers to the broccoli and put it in the oven to roast for 10 minutes.  I heated leftover long grained rice in the microwave, which took 90 seconds.  Start to finish, my Kefi meal took 30 minutes, and it tasted mouthwatering.

Tonight our meal was tasty and good for us.  I plan on executing many more meals like this in my new Kefi kitchen…hope you will meet me there for more recipes and food discoveries in the coming months!


In the meantime, have a lovely evening…


Carpe Kefi!


Kiki is a master interviewer with 25 years broadcasting on Kansas City and Chicago radio. She was a prevalent force at WMAQ & WBBM radio where she was the first female airborne news/traffic reporter in the "Windy City". Kiki’s voiceover work has garnered her Omni awards for Evian water and Coca-Cola commercials. These days Kiki enjoys energizing audiences on stage during motivational speaking engagements, and through writing. Her highly regarded “Kefi-That Life Force” column, was published previously in The Greek Star. She’s currently working on her first non-fiction book. [ View all posts ]