Happy day- almost to the weekend. 🎉🎉

Traveling, and doing so with a cough and cold. Visiting my mom and dad, and here at their house I can’t find any Advil for my sore threat and cough, so I decided instead of buying some, this is a good time to do an experiment of healing without meds. 

The past two days I have added fresh oranges (for Vit C) more veggies (nutrition) and soup to my diet along with  drinking various teas, lemon water (soothe throat) and my shakeology for my daily dense nutrients.  Every time I put something hot or natural down my throat I feel better.  The natural is a better sensation than aspirin.  I also dabbed Peppermint essential oil  on my temples to relieve headache and I applied directly on my stomach because it’s uneasy from all the coughing.  The peppermint penetrates my skin through to my cells.  Invigorating and helpful.  Ask me more by email: [email protected]

I can honestly say that 2 days into my natural experiment, I’m feeling 75% better.  If I keep this healthy regime up combined with restful sleep at night, I’ll be 💯 by Sunday! 

I say, when you have a choice to allow your body to heal itself with natural solutions, choose it over the other option.  What you say?


Carpet Kefi! 

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