FIRSTS Teach Us A lot

Happy Day!  

I enjoy beginning each post with “Happy Day,” because this is the first greeting my mother shares with me when she speaks to me anytime, anywhere. It begins our encounter positively; the first thing she says to me makes me feel good!


Recently, I had another positive first encounter with a bubbly and spunky lady who has lived atrocities and violence yet remains very hopeful and humane.   Isn’t the dichotomy striking here?  The strife Shefkije, I call her Benzie because she loves Mercedes Benz automobiles, has experienced did not overcome her, she overcame IT!   Click HERE for her story…

As the first refugee allowed into the United States from the Balkans nearly 18 years ago, Benzie is now thriving and upbeat about her life as an American citizen. She is raising her daughter with optimism and imparting life lessons I believe we can all learn from:

BELIEVING IS DISCIPLINE as we forge ahead in life we must continue with faith.  This practice must be a constant.

LIFE SCULPTS US because we are living creatures, life will happen and it will shape us.  We can either rise above and create opportunity or we can feel sorry for ourselves by repeating the story that hurt us.

LIFE IS 50/50  Half the day is light and half the day is dark.  Even through the darkness we can climb back into the light.

TWO LINES  In life we can either go vertical or stay horizontal   …CHOOSE YOUR PATH

LEAVE YOUR BAD MOOD AT THE DOOR everyone has problems and issues and heartache, but don’t wear your difficulties on your sleeve.  Be a blessing on someone else and be grateful for your blessings.

SAY HI TO EVERYONE A simple hello and smile can change the day for a person, and it definitely will improve your day.

PATIENCE & KINDNESS WINS THE WAR: Whatever someone else is doing to you, does not have to be something you do back to them, unless it’s kind.  NICE is not a sign of weakness, it’s a sign of your strength.

MAKE IT OR BREAK IT After the cards are dealt, find a way to play your hand in a victorious way.

BRAIN & MOUTH are the most powerful aspects of our body because with those two we can either shoot down or heal – so be aware and proceed with mindfulness.


HAVE HEART the heart is the strongest muscle in the body and it works like electricity giving energy to all your body.  Keep your heart strong and full of love so that you can enjoy life fully


I will never forget my first impression of Benzie; it was powerful, memorable and uplifting.  She wore a smile, she walked with humility, and she stood with conviction.  Benzie and I only spent 30 minutes together sharing philosophies and experiences, but I feel like I gained a world of knowledge and inspiration.

Benzie reminds me that we are who we are, but we should always be working to improve our selves in order to reach our potential.

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