40 Letters of Gratitude!

Happy Day!

Feeling emotional about all the wonderful and loving people in my life.   How can I be so lucky to know so many truly gifted, gracious and generous people who lift me up and make my day?? Because of my good fortune, I am compelled to attempt a suggestion, which my neighbor and friend Sara made to me early last week during the tail end of Lent; to write 40 letters of gratitude to 40 people who have a special place in my heart.  How fabulous to put pen to paper and share a permanent & positive sentiment.  Good for the writer, good for the recipient of the letter.


Length of “Gratitude Letter” is not what matters, content, thought and sincerity make the difference.

My uncle John, my mother’s 90 year old brother and last remaining living sibling, recently found a small piece of paper about 2″ by 2″ with a tiny note written by my then 19 year old mother to her father.  My uncle gave me the note, and when I read it I wept because with only a few words I was again reminded of Katina’s lovely and pure heart, she is the first person I thought of when deciding who to write.   Incidentally, I saved that note/letter in my safety deposit box.   A Gratitude Letter can be more meaningful and powerful than money, jewelry or any monetary gift.  Writing a letter of gratitude will remind you of all those good qualities the person possesses.  When I started the letter to my mom, I immediately began to feel joyful and thankful for the years and experiences we have shared.  #KEFI: Living life fully is just that…sharing life and adventures with persons whom you love, respect and enjoy.


A Forbes article on the scientific benefits of gratitude reveal that your health will increase when you practice thankfulness.  When you say thank you in any form, you enjoy….

*Better  health

*Reduce aggression

*Improve self esteem

*Increase mental strength



This epoch of mass technology in which we live, combined with all the screens and machines at our finger tips, makes it very quick, easy and instantaneous to write an email or text, but I recommend a hand written letter on paper that can last a lifetime.  If you really want your letter to possess KEFI, have some fun and get a fountain pen and nice stationary with a cool wax & seal.




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Living with Kefi means living with positive energy…and this could be as simple as writing a heartfelt letter to someone on your mind today!


Carpe Kefi!



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