What To Do For MOM?!

Happy day my friend!

Mother’s Day is a perfect time to show gratitude and love with a thoughtful and helpful essential oil gift to the woman who reared and raised you.

As a mom of four myself, I daily seek ways to stay calm, mindful, balanced and healthy.  There are numerous actions I take to achieve this form of equilibrium; one of which is to treat myself to a luxurious Shea butter- BALANCE doTERRA essential oil rub down.

What is in BALANCE essential oil?

A blend of Spruce, HoWood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile with fractionated Coconut Oil

How does this doTERRA blend help you to be balanced?

The combination of these therapeutic oils promotes tranquility, relaxation and grounding

Where can you find BALANCE essential oil?  Visit:


Sign in to your wholesale account and order it!  I’m also available to assist you in any way if you want to become wholesale customer!!! (write me [email protected])

(order by Monday to receive by Thursday in time for Mom’s day)

Why do we moms seek balance:

We seek balance in order to stay sane and function at optimal MOM speed

How can BALANCE doTERRA essential oil be used?

1-Apply BALANCE essential oil to the bottom of your feet, wrists and or behind your neck

2-Diffuse in your car during road trips or diffuse in your office while working to create calmness

3-Add three drops to your Shea butter and rub the bottoms of your feet and shaved legs

when dressing for the day to center yourself and feel grounded.



Everything you do for yourself and your family begins with YOU being healthy and well yourself!

Simple ways to take action for YOUR wellbeing:

*Eat enough and eat to support health

*Sleep well

*Exercise regularly

*Treat yourself to a MOM day;

a walk, a lunch with a friend, a manicure or pedicure appt, a blow out, a new outfit, allow time for gratitude, repeat positive affirmations


My walk always involves my 4-legged bestie Athena

Love to get my mani’s and pedi’s at ZAZU

Favorite blowout is with Lisa Styles

Grateful for the love of God who gifted me my family

My affirmation is: Clarity brings prosperity

I live #KEFI- positive energy which helps me and others

Inspiring others to grow in excellence both in mind and body



If you are looking for pure, thoughtful and lovely gifts for your mother or from you to you, I highly recommend preparing her a Wellness basket.


My favorites in the doTERRA SPA LINE:

Choose one or all

1-Replenishing Body Butter

2-SPA Hand and Body lotion

3 SPA Refreshing Body Wash

4-SPA Lip Balm -Herbal



Balance doTERRA essential oil ( feels and works wonders for relaxing)

Geranium doTERRA essential oil (smells heavenly-use as cologne)

Kiegels Shea butter (fabulous creamy)

A diffuser (everyone benefits) 

fuzzy/comfy socks (great to keep moisture and oil on feet after Balance rub)

A handwritten love note to MOM (any mom would adore and cherish this)

MOTHERS:  Let us encourage each other, be happy and well and take good care of ourselves.  

I get inspiration & encouragement from this wonderful book gifted to me from my very mother….

In the meantime, it’s a privilege to serve you and I await any and all questions.


Carpe Kefi!

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