Time for the Roadrunner to slow the pace.

Yes, Mama Vale has allowed her immune system to dip low. Ouch. This realization struck me like a lightning bolt, and after three years of working hard to be & stay healthy, life threw me a few curve balls and sent me flying into left field. Go Go Go – Fast Fast Fast and then BOOM my body forced me to ….SLOW DOWN, SLEEP, TAKE A BREATH.


I realize more than ever that establishing positive rituals and habits daily, and throughout the adjustments, will allow me and others to live fully and with lots of #Kefi. There are numerous rituals/habits I engage in, but some of them not often enough. Personally, my immune system directed me to revisit a ritual that heals and relieves: MASSAGE THERAPY.


Dr Axe reports MASSAGE helps in the following areas:

1-Treats chronic back pain

2-Helps lower high blood pressure

3-Relaxes body

4-Reduces stress anxiety and muscle tension

5-Breaks up scar tissue

6-Improves athletic recovery

7-Reduce arthritis symptoms


I have had many massages in my day, both while on vacation and at home. I suggest you check referrals and word of mouth for the best therapist to suit your needs in your area.

Last week I visited Molly, and in my case she addressed low back pain. Molly used Doterra essential oils, including Deep Blue and On Guard, to help naturally relieve some muscle pain and also support my immune system.

(Ask me more about oils…they are so helpful!!! I’d love to help.)

She also worked on my deep lateral rotators, QL (quadratus lumborum), hip flexors and iliopsoas.

Molly had the experience to use joint mobilizations and passive stretches to aid in releasing the tension in my back and hips. !!!

Best money I ever spent, Best relief in a long time.


If you seek vitality naturally, consider MASSAGE as one of your #Kefi positive rituals.

Furthermore, if you are local in the western suburbs of Illinois you must check out the body work of Molly Fournier :


Sleep well tonight, keep the faith and stay well.


Carpe Kefi!

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