Best Body- Best Opportunities

Happy Evening!

Today in the mail I got my #Golden Scoop award for drinking Shakeology for 12 consecutive months.  My commitment to at least a year of dense nutrition in the form of delicious shakes has netted me a healthy body, clarity and lots of confidence.  The unexpected prize elevated my spirits and renewed my desire to obtain my BEST BODY EVER. Since changing my “health” lifestyle in 2014 I have experienced numerous rewards in the form of happiness, fitness, energy, love and professional work.


My personal experience teaches that the right set of circumstances present themselves when we present our very best selves to the world.  Managing ourselves and maintaining good health screams “SELF CONTROL and CONFIDENCE.” One cannot manage another, if one cannot manage him or herself.   Since losing 22 pounds; I cook more, I am especially mindful, I have changed my wardrobe, my attitude, my language, my thoughts, my associations and I’ve even altered the way I spend my time.  Since incorporating my positive improvements, every day favorable options present themselves, whether in the form of a relationship, a customer, a job or the mere fact that I handle life with much more ease and sheer joy.


My mind is ready for the next level of personal best; the last 6 pounds off, a tighter and toner physique, a smaller size, more opportunities and more #KEFI good times. I’ll be candid with you, becoming a 365er today confirmed that I possess all the tools and potential inside me to shine as bright as I want to.


Every day I will continue to live the healthy lifestyle, which includes eating lean, moving, sleeping sound, rejecting stress, praying, in all things choosing well and enjoying my journey.  Of course I will have to focus a little more intensely on physical aspects of life, and this article featured in MUSCLE AND STRENGTH MAGAZINE offers great suggestions.


Once I reach my personal and professional goals, and I earn enough money I will reward myself with this exquisitely cool car that I see myself driving with the windows down, the music cranked up and a big fat smile on my face.

I’m not sure where I will find a ROCKLAND like the one pictured, but with the right resources I will locate my dream car!  I’m certain of it, because I’m READY!

Cheers to you and your BEST BODY- BEST OPPORTUNITIES!

(If by chance you have questions about my journey, and how it can help you achieve your best body, please write me:  [email protected])


Carpe Kefi!

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