Hoodie-Shirtee- My New Favortie Thing!

Happy Day!

My kids are cool, and they know the cool things to do and wear, so I check in with them regularly in order to stay current.  Indeed there is no age limit to looking modern and up to date, which is why I enjoyed a recent trip to Vineyard Vine shop with my son Jimbo.  Vineyard Vines has bright and fun clothing, which my entire family loves to wear, but none of us ever donned of a HOODIE SHIRTEE.  

Something new…as we were checking out our clothing options, Jimmy pointed out Hoodies in t-shirt fabric.  The concept of a hoodie in the form of shirt instead of sweatshirt grabbed my attention.  LOVE the idea of a hoodie in a lightweight t-shirt fabric to stay comfortable on a chilly, not cold day.  Don’t care for being overheated with a heavy sweatshirt in the spring, summer or fall.  The shirt fabric warms enough without being cumbersome or heavy, and this is my “New Favorite Thing.” 


The Hoodie Shirtee which I selected has memory and pizazz attached to it because it has a logo on it illustrating my city-Chicago hosting America’s Cup 2016.  Love looking “fun,” with the logo and design on my comfy new Hoodie Shirtee, but you don’t have to spend the extra money to get a keepsake like this one.  Hoodie-Shirtees can be plain and simple, they do the job whether fancy or plain.  

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In the meantime, enjoy this fabulous day! 💃🏻


Carpe Kefi!

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