Mental Strength Even When The Body Is Weak

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Every day I learn from my sweet, precious, brave, courageous determined beautiful mother Εκατερινη, who is battling Lymphoma cancer. Every day my mother lives positive and faithful- without one complaint- all the while  demonstrating the excellent virtues I earnestly attempt to live as a healthy person.  Even in the face of complete depletion, weakness, pain, uncertainty, and what seems to be never ending constant & dramatic change, my mother remains patient, kind & loving.


This morning I saw it during our FaceTime: I’m in Chicago and she is in KC- I witnessed my mother’s optimism in her eyes, her words and her heart.  Her courageous mental disposition  during the barrage of harsh treatments and difficult physical challenges has me in complete awe of her transparent  “vigorous will and strength,” to fight through every bit of this living hell.  Εκατερινη, every day, is teaching my family that even when everything is going south, you still have your mind and attitude to overrule the entire circumstance.   The body only gives up when the mind allows it to do that.


During adversity and all times, it’s important to hold on tight to something bigger than yourself. What is that?  For our family, that bigger entity is GOD- FAITH-HOPE-& LOVE.  Our prayer every day is to get through this battle alive and with dignity.

We are all learning, but my most indelible takeaway from this hardship is my mother’s faith and positive disposition with not a trace of murmuring or complaining.  Εκατερινη is enduring the battle with grace, patience and smiling eyes.  It’s not easy to live positive when all you want to do is scream from the suffering, but I’m certain it is with God’s help, my mother is getting through this, and will continue as long as she decides to HOLD ON TIGHT.


Whatever you are facing today, hold on tight and keep the faith that things will turn around.  Never lose hope and no regrets please.  Living life full is about living while you are alive.  So every day LIVE!!!! Take it from Εκατερινη- the Comeback Kid- that’s what I call her because she just keeps hanging on and coming back stronger than before, it’s all in your head!


Carpe Kefi!

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