YETI! Many Purposes

Happy 😊 Day!

Being a person of full #Kefi- I make my activities fun and appealing.  One of my health tasks every day is to consume at least 80 oz of 💦 water.  The purpose is simple and clear cut: I drink water 💦 to stay hydrated, flush the toxins out of my body, clear my skin, keep my weight manageable, keep my tummy full, refresh my self, keep healthy and stay ALIVE.  

Drinking enough water every day could  be a chore and boring, but what I do is I add fruits and vegetables to my water, mostly I add 🍋 fresh lemon juice to my water, which serves several purposes. Lemon water detoxifies, increases metabolism and refreshes, and I like my lemon water, and all drinks for that matter, in my super cool Yeti bottle. 


Yeti bottles are legendary for keeping drinks insulated hot or cold for hours.  Yeti, is nearly indestructible, and has an awesome rubber grip to make it easy for holding and carrying around.  The shape is cool because the base tapers downward narrow and allows for an easy fit in the car cup holder.  Yeti stores up to 30 oz of liquid, and this makes me happy because I only have to to fill up 2.5 times to meet my daily requirement of water.  Other drinks I can put in my Yeti include; wine, juice, smoothies, soup, coffee and all drinking liquids. I like the foam/teal green color of my Yeti water bottle and I just like the way it looks!  


Finally, Kiki Kefi LOVES what YETI stands for…..

YOUR EFFORT TO IMPROVE– & that we must everyday

Yeti- another one of my favorite, useful and beneficial things I ❤️!


Carpe Kefi!

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