Today Is A Brand New Day! 

Happy Day!

I will wear my smile today. I will give it my best today. I will look for everything good in everyone I greet today.  I will indulge in nature today, and I will give so much thanks for the ability to do this all of this today. 


My friend Eva showed me her family’s Arizona vacation video, which includes happy faces, waterfalls, cliffs, mountains, ☀️ sunrays, tall trees, vibrant colors, beautiful blue skies and it all made me happy.  Life is this matter how hard the storms come in, a rainbow 🌈 will eventually show up; furthermore so will the sunshine.  We need to look outside, or better yet go outside, and feel the beauty of life, and if we can do it with someone we love, all the better.  

Friendship, love, good times, beautiful trips that involve the grandeur of nature and our 🌎  planet combined with a #Kefi positive attitude will get you through the storms and the sunnier days. 

This morning a simple smile and conversation about a vacation, something we can all plan at some point, elevated my mood and renewed my hopes.  Hope for the future, but a clear mindset to enjoy the present moment.  I’m here, I’m going to enjoy now, and in the meantime I’ll plan my trip to the island of Samos 2018; this makes me happy. 

The fatigue of this day will be overridden by the JOY of the moment, and the love of those in my life with whom I can count on. Every moment, good or bad, is a moment making me stronger, better, more mindful and hopefully more thankful. 


It takes more than money…thank God!  If money was all there was to make us happy then we couldn’t relish each other, the great outdoors, the milestones, the lessons, the trials, the accolades, the accomplishments, the personal development, the service to others and to ourselves. WE MUST HONOR OURSELVES. 

Today is a brand new day…no matter what happened last year, last month, last week, yesterday, last night….I get to start over with a fresh set of eyes and a clean set of ears right now, but most importantly, I can start out with a positive state of mind.  It takes more than money…it takes an another effort, another try and another BRAND NEW DAY! 

Join my #Kefi Revolution:

Wear a smile today. 

Give it your best today. 

Look for everything good in everyone you greet today. 

Indulge in nature today

Give so much thanks for the ability to do this all of this today

With all my heart, I hope that you have the resources to plan a great and memorable vacation, but if that isn’t in the cards in this moment enjoy my friend Eva’s sister-in-law Zuza’s vacation.  That’s what I’m doing…

If you want more Zuza -and the trips of her lifetime check out her YOU TUBE CHANNEL:


COOL PICS FOUND @tripsmylife on instagram

Until I have the great opportunity to share my vacation pics with you…enjoy this brand new day. 


Carpe Kefi

(Pic on homepage: Eva & Kiki- two positive friends)

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