Food is Love!

Happy Day!

Today is extra happy because my friend Bushana did a very neighborly thing and sent over some deliciously ripe and seasonally perfect tomatoes and baby cucumbers. As seen in the photograph, I prepared a simple Greek salad by adding the extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper with oregano. The outcome = mouthwatering.


It’s true that if you eat what is in season and from the garden, you will much better enjoy the flavor and substance of the healthy food you are eating. Eating seasonally will allow you to crave what is healthy and fresh. Remember, it’s not the quantity of food you should be interested in, but the quality. The quality will encourage you to eat smaller portions and savor the flavor.


Bushana’s garden inspired me to grow my own garden next summer. I will call it YIA YIA’S (this means grandmother and I want this garden for my children) Garden because I will plant everything my mother loved and ate, and the vegetables which are good for us. I will plant tomatoes, cucumbers, lemons, garlic, basil, mint and beets. (I may have to buy a lemon tree.)

How fabulous will YIA YIA’S garden be??!! Farm to table is how we will attempt to eat. We will focus on organic and wholesome foods, which we will grow. We will water and nurture and grow our garden with love. After all, FOOD IS LOVE when from the earth, fresh and delicious. This is a high form of #KEFI!




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