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Happy Day!

It is happy because I just resumed working out after a 8 week hiatus. June I was ill, and July was spent with my dearest mother in the hospital.


This am when I went to do my first assigned workout- build upper body, I was feeling a little sad that I had to start over after previously being in pretty good physical condition, but I found that I’m not too far away from where I was. It’s true what fitness experts say, “A person who works out regularly builds muscle memory and it aids in the rebuild process.” So, not focusing on where I was, but instead looking ahead to the exciting places I’m headed.


Thank goodness I have my essential oils to help me joyfully re-enter my workout routine. This morning I felt congested and stiff with some shoulder pain from the couch I slept on in July.

Usually, I apply Deep Rub, which is awesome, but lately I’ve been using WINTERGREEN oil and I feel like the single therapeutic potency helps relieve the discomfort a little more in my shoulders. I’m out of BREATHE oil, so I used my BREATHE Touch rolling it on my chest and under my nose. I also dropped PEPPERMINT in my palms, rubbed together and inhaled it for breathing, and focus. These natural remedies help with relief and motivation to complete my workout to the best of my ability. (As always, love to share so if you have any questions at all about my oils and how they help, please DM me on my KikiVale @kefilife fb or email [email protected])


Of course, other essentials in my workout room include a 5 variance weight set and bench and plenty of water. I switched my water from FIGI to ESSENTIA water because it’s Ionizized Alkaline 9.5 pH and better for my system. According to ESSENTIAL.COM….


After determining a reliable way to accurately measure dehydration in a 2012 pilot study, an independent laboratory was contracted to measure rehydration. The study was a randomized double-blind study of 50 men and 50 women, ages 25-49. All subjects were dehydrated by aerobic exercise, rehydrated, and observed for two hours.


When data was analyzed, the researchers discovered that Essentia was shown to be more effective at rehydrating than the leading bottled water. In addition to being featured in the first hydration study of its kind, Essentia Water is the only bottled water listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference.


Finally, I’m working out with a designed program created by Jill, which includes a 3 month goal to rebuild strength, and 6 month goal to increase endurance and speed for a DESTINATION 5K run with my family. We are working on selecting the location as I write. Most importantly, my goal is to repeat daily positive affirmations, and when I feel discouraged read motivating health blogs. Living fully is possible when I live healthy and with a healthy perspective.

I’ll keep this in mind….

Wishing you continued health, commitment and discipline on this HAPPY 😊 DAY!



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