Weight Loss Can Taste Good

Happy Day!

Good to start each day with a dose of positivity and mouthful of energy!!!


I refer quite a bit to my children because they try new things and explore options a little more than I do at times. Last Monday, was one of those days when my daughter asked me to make a recipe from a new book, SKINNY BITCH, which she is reading for weight loss incentive. (Everyone in my household is working at getting lean) The recipe, PROTEIN PANCAKES, sounded not bad, not good, but ok. I assumed there would be several ingredients and a time consuming project, but in fact there are two ingredients and two more of you want a few more calories. 2 eggs, one banana; mix and pour into pan and cook. If you want a little tighter consistency, add a tbsp of flour and one 1 tbsp vanilla extract and BINGO…you have the most delicious, nutritious, low cal and good for you pancakes! Sometimes, a health nut wants to eat the forbidden food without the guilt and this is a recipe for that time!!!

Protein Pancakes will be on my menu in the midday snack category next week for sure!!!


This little recipe ignited a spark in me to explore some new foods, and new books to learn from regarding health. Sophia says SKINNY BITCH is full of great weight loss suggestions, so I’ll check it out after I finish reading CRAZY SEXY DIET. We must keep learning and arming ourselves with information son that we can be the very best version of ourselves!!!

Here’s to healthy and wonderful you!!!!



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