Aroma Touch Intensified My Belief In Oils

Happy Evening!

Today was very exciting, as I was learning something new. I learned that therapeutic essential oils are scientifically effective for supporting a healthy mind and body.

You see, oils come from plants and trees, and they have cellular life like we humans do, so our bodies recognize the chemical constituents of the oils and allow them to bring us to a natural balance. There is an organic synergy with oils and people.


It takes :30 for an essential oil to enter the blood stream once it is applied or inhaled.

It takes 30:00 for an essential oil to service all cells in the body.

Essential oils support the healthy function of human cells.

Oils are multidimensional, and they find the location in the body which need repair and heads to that location. The oils assist in restoring the body back to a natural rhythm.


My doTERRA Aroma Touch trainer/teacher actually has a degree in Biology and Anatomy, and today she trained me to perform the Aroma Touch Technique.

This powerful yet profound presentation of essential oils on the human body is positive in many ways, one of which is the release of serotonin. This neurotransmitter, when released, provides a happy and uplifting feeling. Think of the loving touch of your parent, or a hug from a friend and you will feel this sensation when getting Aroma Touch. This technique of using the 8 prescribed oils on the body will release cortisol and improve the immune system.

Again, doTerra essential therapeutic oils restore the natural function of the body. I truly believe that the body is created to heal itself with the natural methods it is designed to receive.

I’d love to share more about the power and beauty of essential oils, so let me know if you’re interested in feeling your very best with the help of doTERRA! [email protected]

Sweet dreams, and remember diffusing Lavender or Serenity essential oils as you get comfy in bed will assist in relaxing you to a restful night’s sleep 😴.



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