Kefi K!thcen Routine

Happy Day!

Routines are great because we experience completion of a small goal, and in my Kefi K!tchen the goal is to prepare and serve meals to fuel and energize my family for a productive day.  In my humble opinion, this should be a goal of all people, to begin and end the day with a routine that provides nourishment and encouragement!


At the beginning of each week, think about your menu and meals for the following seven days, at least Monday-Friday. Sunday, shop for the staple foods that will get you through the week, and have them handy each day.  Morning time is hectic, and if you wake up and follow your routine, you will make sure to get the proper nutrition to break the fast.  Woman’s Health Magazine wrote an article on breakfast, which included Nutrtionist’s breakfast ideas:


Mix protein, fiber, healthy fats and complex carbs.

*Greek yogurt with berries and nuts

*Scrambled eggs with broccoli or spinach

*Ezekial toast, one quarter avocado mashed and a scrambled egg with sliced tomato ( I add onion) MY fav!!!

*Fiber cereal with 2 turkey sausage on side


Upon completing the routine of a healthy and energizing breakfast, the next important thing to do is to make sure and hug and or kiss goodbye your loved one.  The act of love and caring will give the person confidence to go and have a good day.


After morning, each routine in the Kefi K!tchen is similar; Meals throughout the day should include a balance of protein, healthy fats and complex carbs.  Learn more at Prescion Nutrtion.

Have some easy to grab yummy and healthy snacks available in the Kefi Fr!dge at all times.

*Turkey wraps with hummus and red peppers

*Organic Honeycrsip apples with peanut butter

*Cherry tomatos with cucumbers

*Homemade trail mix

All suggestions according to one’s personal dietary demands..allergies etc. 

The quick start guideline for my Kefi K!tchen is to fill it with foods that are healthy, delicious and fulfilling.  Meals are eaten with gratitude and the table is set for energizing the body and spirit.

As we say in Greek…Kali Orexi and Stin Hgeia sou (translation; good meal and to your health!)



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