I Celebrate My Mom On My Birthday!!!

Happy Day!

BIRTHDAY = LOVE = FAMILY I want to give my mom something on my birthday.  I want to give her an honor, one that also helps others who are facing what she so valiantly endured all 2017 through August 5th.


My mother was diagnosed with Double Hit B Cell Lymphoma on November 29, 2016.  The earth-shattering news broke the heart of every person in my family, but we never rested with the diagnosis. For 247 days my family and I cared for, nurtured, helped and hoped that our mother other would survive a disease that aggressively grows no matter what action is taken.   My mother’s suffering without a single complaint was intentionally designed as not to worry us or allow us to feel sad.  Can you imagine this courage, this strength, this selflessness?

“What we witnessed was the matriarch of our family saving us, when we so desperately wanted to save her.

Cancer I don’t understand, but people, they are another story.”


In the hospital, everyone is groomed to help.  The doctors, the nurses, the therapists, the practitioners, the interns, the fellows, the chaplain, the cafeteria help, the cashiers, the gift shop workers, the parking attendant, a community of people working to ease the pain of a journey that stings so much for the people admitted to this building.  Other people innately want to help, people are inherently good.  I learned this first hand.


When my mother was first diagnosed, she went straight to ICU and so did we.  The gypsies moved in, and we never left until mom did.  We became friends with everyone on the 6th floor of KU MED, especially our first neighbor Pearl. She was being treated for serious complications too, and her family, like ours, was committed to the fight until the end.  Pearl’s family and our family inspired each other, shared stories, got to know each other and leaned on each other with hope in our hearts.  We didn’t have a long previous history together, but the brief and poignant bond we made in the hospital remains indelible.  Day by day, we didn’t know what to expect, but we knew we were in it altogether.  TOGETHER, a strong concept.  Two – always better than one.


Every day you hear about someone being diagnosed with cancer, being cured of cancer, dying of cancer and cancer touching every person that knows the afflicted one.  Once affected, we are forever changed, with the scar of how insidious this disease is. BUT, we march on, on to a CURE with the hope that those afflicted in the future will survive.  We are stronger, smarter, more loving, more forgiving, more compassionate, more sensitive, more aware, MORE HUMAN.



I will honor and remember the courageous woman who gave me life with a simple fundraiser, to collect donations on behalf of finding a cure for cancer.

Please feel free to share your “c” story with me ([email protected]) and better yet, if you can afford to make a donation small or large to help the …..

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society discover a cure for this form of cancer, that would be just divine!

God Speed!



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