Who On Earth Said Nutritious Isn’t Delicious?

Happy Day!

Here in my Kefi K!tchen I love to prepare for my family and me, that which is good for us and that which tastes delicious. I do secretly wish that I embodied my current wellness education regarding meals back when my children were small.

No regrets, just reflection, and all the more reason to share the Kefi with any of you interested in feeding positive energy through nutrition.


“I didn’t always eat like this.”

Through trial and error, the desire to be lean and feel strong, the desire to wear glowing skin, the desire to get reacquainted with my Hellenistic heritage is all the total sum of why I eat like this! “This way of eating,” is beautiful and I now do think about the source of food, how I should prepare it and finally how to present/consume. The Kefi K!tchen boasts and follows research by Mayo Clinic, many athletic team nutritionist’s plans, together with my personal health coach Jill and much reference to my Greek cookbooks.


Soon, very soon, I’ll be coming to you live on Facebook from my newly renovated K!tchen. I will present what I have experienced to be meals that are good for you, help you keep a lean physique, meals that are delicious and colorful, meals that satisfy your tummy and most importantly meals which include health benefits. We Greek’s “Eat like this!”


My meal today will not attract everyone, but each food is replaceable with another counterpart to suit your tastebuds.

-One piece of toasted Ezekiel bread (you can eat other bread if you like)

-Smoked salmon (you could eat chicken, turkey or protein of your choice)

-Onions and avocado for taste and to fill up my belly ( you can add any vegetable seasoning or healthy fat you enjoy)

-Charred Brussels spouts and χόρτα ( (select any green vegetable you wish and you can sauté, grill, steam or bake)

Eating should be a JOY, not a hassle or deprivation. The Kefi K!tchen promises to “Feed Positive Energy” every time. Κάλι ορεχι, Bob appetite, enjoy!

Here’s to our Kefi Meals to be enjoyed during a fabulous 2018!



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